Jul 13, 2011

The Guitar Man's Companion

Whether you can strum like Santana or jam on the six-string like my old drunkard neighbor, as long as you have a guitar and you play it regularly, you might need this guitar tool. It's like Les Stroud's trusted pocket knife if he's a musician. Oh wait, he is.

Regardless, here's what this toolbox(?) has to offer:

  • String cutters
  • 2-in-l screwdriver (Philips/Flat)
  • Adjustable beam flashlight
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 4 Allen Wrenches(1.5,2.5,3 and 4mm)
  • String winder with peg remover
  • Trem poker to remove string ball ends stuck in trem block
  • Strings
  • 6 pockets for string storage
  • Pick pocket for picks