Jul 6, 2011

Quick Draw, Quick Cash iPhone Case

Enjoy the next level of functionality whatever that means.

Simply put, this thingy holds your iPhone and your set of credit cards. Presumably for ease of purchase of the next iPhone.

Word of caution: It could a bit tight the first time you use it but that is due to new leather. A quick remedy is to simply slip your fingers into each pocket and rotate them to stretch the leather a bit. Yeah. That phrase is dripping with you know what.

  • Fits four credit card size items ( debit card, driving license etc ) of your choice
  • Pockets are redesigned to insert card with ease
  • Form fit design made specifically for the iPhone 4
  • Slim curve hugging leather design
  • The magnetic closure provides a snug fit to your iPhone
  • Impact resistant & durable lightweight construction
  • Access to all iPhone buttons and ports features