Jul 10, 2011

Straight From Q Division's Lab

No, you are not a spy but that won't stop you from wanting spy gadgets. We understand you and would therefore like to share this Watch Camera with 720p HD video recording capability with you.

At its price, it better be hi-def and stylish Fortunately, it is both. It might be too bulky for your taste but heck, hi-def camera!

Since we've agreed on the fact that you are not a spy, this will not record audio for you too. This absence of audio recording feature makes it legal for civilians to own. I'm sorry, I mean civilian spies.

  • Records in true HD (non-interpolated)
  • Resolution of 1280x720P pixels
  • Frame rate is an astonishingly smooth 30FPS
  • 'Still Image Capture' mode
  • 4GB of internal flash disk capacity
  • Stylish chrome steel casing with polished finishing
  • 5 Mega-Pixel CMOS camera lens