Jul 15, 2011

Weekend Ten: 10 Beautiful Multi-Tool

The only beautiful multi-tool is the one that you can get your hands on when you really need it. But that won't stop us from half-assing a weekender post by listing down ten of the most gorgeous multi-tools we can find. This is not a top ten nor are these multi-tools ranked for their practicality. In a world obsessed with looks, we can't help but become sheople/sheeple for a day and be one with the majority.

Wenger 16812 Swiss Army Knife Evogrip S54
Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier

Sheffield 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Tool

Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools S66-N PowerAssist Multitool

Leatherman 831207 Style CS Clip-On Multi-Tool

Gerber 30-000140 Crucial Tool

Gerber 31-000749 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Multi-Tool

Leatherman 830246 Wave Black Oxide

Leatherman 850122 MUT Tactical Multi-Tool

and because we feel like kicking this up to eleven, here's an extra one:

Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion