Feb 1, 2014

Ten USB Devices That Would Make Great Gifts

Most homes in the next few years would have as many USB ports as they have electrical outlets today.  Such is the popularity of USB-powered devices like the ones belowThese usb-powered devices would make great gifts for your friends and family.

1. USB Studio Recording Microphone

This would make a great present for anyone who wish to record using computer.  This nifty little gadget can easily be installed on any computer.

Price: $79.00

2.  USB-powered Sentry Turret

The looks on this sentry turret alone makes it a cool gift.  And then there's its voice warning system.

Price: $59.99

3.  USB Cooling Fan

Keep cool while working on your computer with this little cooling fan.

Price: $9.99

4.  USB Plasma Ball

Be mesmerized as you stare into the pulsating light inside this ball.

Price: $21.99

5.  USB-Powered Humidifier

Pretty cool to look at and pretty functional too.

Price: $12.29

6.  USB Dancing Water Speakers

Because a speaker is not cutting it enough.  We need to have a speaker that has water... and it should be dancing too!

Price: $30.99

7.  USB LED Stick Light

Working in the dark?  Not anymore when you have this light stick.

Price: $16.78

8.  USB Heating Warmer Hand Gloves

Stay warm during the winter with these heated gloves.

Price:  $4.40

9.  USB Fridge Cooler

Keep your drinks cold and near you with this usb-powered mini fridge.

Price: $26.49

10.  USB Desktop Aquarium

Shut down your computer and your pet fish dies.

Price: $39.99