Mar 5, 2015

11 Cool Lighters You Can Buy Today

Whether you are a smoker or just someone who loves the great outdoors, a lighter is sure to be a welcome addition to your gear.  How do you pick your own firestarter though?  Do you look for the most durable?  The most compact perhaps?  The coolest-looking probably?  The cheapest?  Hopefully, our selection of lighters would hit the mark as far as your choice is concerned.

Let's start the list with this electronic lighter.  This is probably best for smokers and not so much for people who only need lighters for lighting a campfire.  Sure it can be used to start a camp fire but why use this when a cheaper match would do.  As for smokers, this is a great lighter to have.  You do not have to strike more than once to get your nicotine fix on.  Plus, it can be charged through any USB port so you can use this longer without having to buy any lighter fluid or butane refill.

This is an electronic lighter.

For guitar players who need to have a lighter with them always, this would be a great pick.  There's nothing really fancy about this except the fact that it is designed to look like a kickass guitar.  Be careful how you stow it around your pocket or bag though.  The neck part might be a bit fragile since it's thinner than the other parts.

 Electric Guitar Lighter

If you want a lighter that's compact yet not easy to lose, then this keychain lighter must be what you are looking for.  The strap and the keyring makes it easy to keep track of but if you want an even more compact version, you can remove the strap and the ring.  The drawback to its small size is that it is not something you want if you are a smoker.  This is perfect for people who only need to light something once in a while.  It is refillable so it just might work for smokers but then again, there's always the slightly bigger lighter if you don't want the hassle of constantly refilling your lighter after a few days or so.

 Keychain Butane Lighter

We added this to this selection because it looks kinda cool.  We're not sure if this is a practical thing or not but it's got a couple of decent reviews on Amazon so...

 Watch Lighter

Technically, this is not a lighter but it's really cool plus you only need a run of the mill Bic lighter to make this a "lighter".  This lighter sleeve is a multi-tool that should rival some of the more expensive ones out there.  It has sharp scissors, sharp knife, a small screwdriver, and a bottle opener.  Fitted with a lighter, this is enough to get a party going! 

 Multitool Lighter Sleeve

If you are in the market for a "peanut" lighter, then this is what you need.  This compact lighter is designed much like a Zippo lighter but on the smaller side.  It uses lighter fluid and reviews are pointing out that it is well designed to keep the lighter fluid from evaporating quickly.  Just make sure that if you are going to rely on this while out camping, you should refill the fluid before heading out.  You don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a lighter to start a fire.

Compact Peanut Lighter

If you want something unique and cool, this lighter might be what you are looking for.  It works like a match and looks like one too.  The difference is that you can use this for a lot longer than a box of match.  That is if you get a good version.  Some people who bought this kind of lighter are not really happy with the construction of the whole thing while some find it just strong enough to justify its price.

 Pocket Fire Starter Lighter

This is one of the more expensive units here but we think that its price is pretty justified.  Firs off, it floats on water.  Sure, it's not everyday that you would need a lighter that floats but when you are off fishing and you only have one lighter with you, it's great to think that even if you drop your lighter on the water, you still have a chance of recovering it quickly.

 Waterproof Floating Lighter

These next three are just like your normal lighters except that they are dressed up to look cool.

This costs more because it has a cigar punch attachment.

 Lighter with Cigar Punch

This refillable lighter is pretty much a steal.

 Refillable Torck Lighter

So that's it.  A list of 11 cool lighters you can buy today.